Obvious and Unexpected Ways to Make Money on Sports Betting in Kenya

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Placing a successful bet is not a coincidence or pure luck. Professionals always know that such winnings were earned due to a thorough analysis and skills of the player. However, to sweeten the deal, users who prefer to make a stake or two should know that there are some other engaging and easy tasks that can help them make even more money.

If you are one of those seekers, this article will unravel the best options you can use to obtain more cash and increase the revenue you can use to place bigger and more bets. For instance, becoming a savvy bettor or an affiliate is one of these options. So, how do you get commission on 1xBet? Start reading the article to learn what the options are.

How Can You Join a Betting Platform

How Can You Join a Betting Platform

First of all, the most obvious and shortest way to make money on a betting platform is to pass a registration procedure and start placing bets on various sporting events or play available casino games and other entertainment. Be prepared that you would need to follow these actions:

  • Select a proper betting portal.
  • Navigate to its official website and start the registration procedure.
  • Accomplish the process and start exploring all the opportunities.

Now, you are ready to move on to the next parts of the article. Make notes and prepare to be amused with the list of how to increase your fortune methods through your gambling account.

Ranking of Most Obvious Ways to Earn Money on Betting

Ranking of Most Obvious Ways to Earn Money on Betting

The most evident options are not necessarily the easiest ones. But they surely will make your betting sessions more fun and bring more benefits. Sometimes, the solution can be found right in front of you, but still, some users and bettors prefer to ignore it and proceed with their wagering routine.

So, our following list contains methods that can easily give a little boost to your financial flow. You do not need much time to try any of them. However, it is worth mentioning that proper research and a bit of involvement in sports can help you even better.

Place Bets on Sporting Events

Just start making bets on popular international major events and win your monetary prizes. Nothing can be that difficult, but it cannot always be successful. To win in sports betting, you need to know and understand the specifics of the sport you are betting on. However, if you prefer soccer or tennis, there is a bigger chance you can find more recommendations from other users, due to the popularity of these sports.

Choose Jackpot Tournaments

Open the tournament or see which games can promise you a jackpot win. So, if planned wisely, you can grab a massive win by placing one prediction or building a quality accumulator stake. It sounds excellent, but you can face obstacles when you try to fulfill it.

Before you start trying your luck by placing stakes on various jackpot events, explore and gather a list of popular and prestigious gambling clubs, like 1xBet or OneBet, etc. Then, start exploring their offers.

Claim More Bonuses

Every sports betting platform offers many bonuses to retain its existing players and bettors. The more suitable offers you find, the more bonuses you will receive to continue your engaging betting session and get bigger winnings afterward.

It is vital to notice that not all bonuses are equally useful. Read the conditions of every offer before you decide to claim them because some of these deals have impossibly high wagering requirements, and others request big minimum deposits to activate the bonus deal.

Make Bigger Bets on Small Odds

Small odds are not always a bad idea. They can serve you better if you know how to use them to your benefit. For instance, professionals insist that you can stably earn money if you choose betting odds between 2 and 5. However, here, the bet size matters the most. Starting from 1,000 Ksh, you can count on some significant profit. The more such bets you make the better results and money flow you can receive. Therefore, profound bettors use this trick quite often to acquire more passive revenue and lose less money.

Tricky and Unexpected Options How to Make More Money on Sports Betting: Top Ways

How to Make More Money on Sports Betting

The second part of this huge review is dedicated to the less obvious ways to make money on betting platforms, except for placing stakes. Not every fan can notice these opportunities, but punters who bet for a long time, and some of them even do it professionally, shared a couple of tips on how you can benefit more from being a bettor on some famous platform.

Become an Affiliate

When you are not a fan of betting or the opposite, a huge enthusiast of this type of entertainment, affiliate marketing is a hustle that can be suitable for anyone. All you need to do is register an account and receive some materials that you can use to promote the brand’s services.

Being an affiliate partner is not free; every month, you will receive a commission for your promotion services if the conditions of the deal are met. It is usually a requirement to bring more traffic and users who are interested in gambling on the brand’s platform.

Use Prediction Websites

How can you make your bet win? Sometimes, prediction websites can help to solve the problem. It may seem like cheating, but if we look at it from another angle, it becomes evident that if you have no time for personal research, such a website can come in handy. It won’t guarantee you a hundred percent win, but the prediction you can see may be very accurate and close to the real outcome.

From another perspective, if you have time for research, you can still use these prediction websites to your benefit. Check your bet and the prognosis you see on the prediction resource. If you see some differences, you can recheck your selections again and make some corrections. All this leads to more successful bets.

Hedge Your Bets

Using a risk management strategy helps to lower betting risks. For instance, you can make several selections on the same event and, divide them into several bets placed separately, and make your one primary stake. Therefore, if one of them fails, others have a high chance of happening. While hedging your bets, you can build some really profitable predictions. It is extreme luck when several of your stakes win.

Work With Several Eminent Betting Brands

If nothing is said about limitations on advertising other gambling brands, you can try to combine some of your strategies. For example, you can combine your affiliate marketing techniques and place different posts on your blog, social page, and other resources.

Advertising and boosting two or more bookies and offering your followers promo codes on their first bet can be more efficient. You can feature them on your Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram channels using different ready-to-post materials.

Work in a Betting Shop

Another chance to partner with your bookmaker is to start working in a betting shop if you have this opportunity and it is located near you. It is a simple job where you get to chat with visitors, pay out their winnings, and register bets. Who knows, maybe you get to notice some skillful bettors and retrieve more tips on successful sports wagering, find out new strategies and tips on how to earn more.

Anyway, this mega-combo is an excellent option for true fans of sports betting. You will be at the center of all major events and news. So, it looks like a community of devoted punters who truly enjoy what they do, and you get to become a part of this community.

Note! This variant is ideal for users who wish to make it their job and are fascinated by this type of sport.

Administrate Telegram Channels

If you have an active Telegram channel where you share news or discuss particular topics with your readers, it is a wonderful option to let them know that betting is one of your hobbies. Besides, you will gladly share a couple of hints for your followers, like “how do you get commission on 1xBet?” or how to succeed and use your promo coupon to save some funds.

Social networks such as Telegram also allow you to make short videos where you can share your latest victories and promote your betting brand further. A pinch of charisma and your pure positive emotions can make the whole process more attractive and beneficial for the users.

Possible Kenyan Sports Betting Problems

Possible Kenyan Sports Betting Problems

Kenya is famous for its love for different types of sports. Soccer is one of the top-leading sports. However, punters who like placing stakes have diverse interests. Some of them prefer to engage in many strategies to increase their revenue using not only betting but also affiliate marketing and other sources to grow their budget.

The gambling industry in Kenya now has many opportunities for punters who are interested in becoming a part of the business and receive a small commission for their modest services. Sure, you can face a bit of competition here because there are many influences with a big number of followers who can get all the richest benefits while others receive less.

How to Choose a Profitable Bookmaker

How to Choose a Profitable Bookmaker

It may seem a challenging task, but there are still some recommendations that were retrieved from betting experts on how you can identify a quality gambling brand that can bring you more money, not only with constant betting. Here are some valuable recommendations from our expert colleagues:

  1. The license comes first. Always check if the betting website has an active license, preferably from a local Kenyan regulator, such as BCLB.
  2. Support should always be available. See if you can easily reach support and receive an instant response at any time you need it.
  3. High coefficients and variety of stakes. Major tournaments and events should be presented on the website. The lack of some sports, markets, and low odds is difficult not to notice because they are crucial to successful betting.
  4. Check punters’ feedback. If you see many positive reviews and not-so-crucial drawbacks, you can definitely try to wager here.

If you see that all these aspects are true on the platform where you are betting, it is a reliable bookmaker. However, the major recommendation you can retrieve from the article is to try eminent brands among the first ones if you have no time for research.


Summing up the main aspects of the article, Kenyan punters have many options for how they can increase their revenue and engagement in the betting sphere. The opportunities every eminent sports betting platform provides are very broad. Every user can choose whatever he or she likes to receive extra cash and use it for further wagering and other purposes with maximum convenience. You only need to choose the bookmaker you like and enjoy using its services.



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